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  • 5 show programs
  • 20 concert numbers
  • Zoot suits
  • Interactions with viewers
  • Participation of company employees in the show
  • Individual projects
  • Fire show
  • Confetti and luminous drums with water
  • Many special effects
  • Any concert venue
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Why do most people choose us?
We are the winners of the SMG Awards 2020 in "The best show of the country" nomination We are the winners of the All-Russian Drummer Competitions. We are permanent members of the jury of drumming competitions in Russia. We are finalists of the "League of Amazing People" project on the Russia-1 TV channel. We work with top artists: Enrique Iglesias, Roy Jones, Gloria Geiner, Philip Kirkorov, Sergey Zhukov and others.
We perform around the world. The portfolio of Vasiliev Groove drummers includes 35 cities of Russia and 11 countries of the world (The last tours were in Brazil, Spain, Vietnam, Qatar and the UAE).
2018 FIFA WORLD CUP CLOSING CEREMONY, 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, preparations for the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar, 5 solo concerts, including the last in Crocus City Hall with sold out and more than 200 events of Federal and International significance.
About us
We are the drum show Vasiliev Groove!
Our drum-lable confirms the status of the best drum show in Russia since 2012.
Closing the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Moscow, the Paralympic Games 2014 in Sochi, preparing for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, working with the best artists: Enrique Iglesias, Roy Jones, Gloria Gaynor, Philip Kirkorov - all this is only a small part of the achievements the best drummers in Russia!
Vasiliev Groove is a separate world! A world where you can hear the beat of the heart of each person, his own rhythm!
Be in rhythm with us!

Team Vasiliev Groove
Роман Васильев
художественный руководитель
Артем Васильев
в команде с 2008 года
Леонид Варянин
в команде с 2006 года
Алексей Журжалин
в команде с 2010 года
Владимир Жульков
в команде с 2012 года
Егор Бороздюхин
в команде с 2013 года
Роман Рогожников
в команде с 2016
Work with us
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